Bee sanctuary

What is a bee sanctuary?
A safe space free from chemicals and sprays for bees to do what they have done since time began.
The sanctuary is a place of diverse flowering species that provides food and nutrients to our bees throughout the year.
Our bees are not moved like commercial bees, but stay on our property and are kept using natural beekeeping principles to keep our bees strong and healthy - the frontline defence against pest and diseases.
We purchased our initial property in September 2008 with the vision of living in harmony with our bees there. This has grown through experience, education and life - to now owning 2 further surrounding properties to enhance fodder for our bees and preserve our sanctuary.

Hive and honey sales

We offer the following bee products
(subject to seasonal availability):

* Honey - 1kg, 500g, bulk and comb
* Beeswax, royal jelly and propolis
* Queen bees
* Complete bee hives
* Nucleus hives
* Native bee hives
Get in touch with us for pricing and ordering details.

Education and research

We offer the following services:
(not available during winter)

*Education courses in beekeeping for beginners
* Cooking and fermenting with honey
(including mead making)
* Queen bee rearing
*Honey extraction techniques
*Pest and disease identification and management
*Tree identification
*Pollination principles and management
*Private hive management
*Research into all types of bees
Drop us a line or email us to discuss tailoring a package to meet your group/ family/ friends needs.