A day of Native Bees

Tuesday February 12th 2019 – 9am-5pm

Did you know that beekeeping with native stingless bees is feasible in warmer areas of NSW?
Are you ready to become a native beekeeper?

In this workshop, scientists and educators Dr Tim Heard/ Tobias Smith will teach you the basics on how to become one. They will entertain and educate you at the same time. This workshop alternates between slide presentations and a practical session to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

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Introduction to Beekeeping

January 12th 2019, 9am – 2pm

February 9th 2019, 9am – 2pm

Explore the basics of Beekeeping from one of the Mid North Coast’s most experienced Natural Beekeepers.

Join us for a day at the bee sanctuary with Steven and his family, including a bush style lunch, an intimate bee experience and learning materials.

On the day we will bee covering:

  • Beekeeping on the Mid North Coast
  • Understanding the intimate life of a honeybee
  • Biology of the honeybee
  • The Importance of natural comb
  • Getting set-up for beekeeping: buying bees, hives & equipment
  • Site and Forage Assessment
  • Forms required for keeping bees
  • Handling bees gently and confidently
  • Ensuring the ongoing health of your colony
  • Pests & Diseases
  • Swarming
  • Raw honey & comb harvesting techniques
  • Products of the hive
  • Honey appreciation
  • Planting a bee-friendly garden
  • Situating beehives in urban areas – backyards & rooftops

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Native and Honeybee Course Flyer 2018